Finally the all-new, legendary Mercedes-Benz G-class has been released! The Adagio Le Rond Sochi team rushed to the grand test-drive event which took place in the mountains of Krasnaya Polyana, on the track which goes by the name “Gora Legend” (“The Mountain of Legends.”)

The route of the test-drive was laid through the mountain peaks of the “Gorki Gorod” resort city at the +960 altitude mark and included several interesting sections, among which were: an off-road speed climb uphill to the +1360 meter altitude mark (“Polikar’s waterfall”), movement up the mountain (incline up to 80% on the ascent and up to 80% on the descent), as well as a special section with natural obstacles to demonstrate the full ability of the vehicle.

Video presentation

Test drive Mercedes-Benz G-class