Not the passions of the 2018 world championship could die down, nor could the engines of the F1 cars, before Sochi once again became the center of another sporting event. Over 38 thousand people gathered on the tribunes of the legendary Fisht stadium to see the match between the Russian and Turkish national teams with their own eyes. Three pigeons spectated the match right from the field, to the amusement of both the fans and the players alike.

The dynamic and spectacular game left nobody in their seats. Cherchesov’s team pulled all stops to beat the opponent, and the Adagio Le Rond Sochi team did not spare any of their vocal cords or palms until the final whistle in support of their favorite team.

The result: 2:0 in favor of the Russian national team and the atmosphere of exultation and unity. We love this kind of game! We wish our players victory in the future and impatiently await new, exciting events on the shore of the Black Sea.

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League of Nations Russia-Turkey