Le Rond Sochi


Historical reference

Le Rond Sochi is located in a place
with a very rich history.  In 1896 the lands were chosen by the Russian king Nikolai II, where in consequence there was built a great park.
A significant section of this park has been preserved to this day.

In 1982 a unique hotel complex was built on the territory of the park, whose creation was headed by a large collective of creative architects: O. Gubarevich, N. Mordvinceva, M. Orlov, S. Milhovich and others.

The complex was always regarded as the flagship of prestigious relaxation, having a rich history of receiving guests of the highest level.


Le Rond Sochi – is a 5-star apart-hotel

You may acquire apartments in Le Rond Sochi for either personal relaxation or transfer their management to the apart-hotel to collect income.



26 m²


52 m²


Adagio Le Rond Sochi offers s place to live and vacation with a well-developed modern infrastructure and a wide range of world-renowned services.

Le Rond Sochi liberates its guests from day-to-day troubles and household worries. A diverse range of services accessible to our guests delivers maximum comfort.